Helping Your Seller Prepare for Listing Photography

February 01, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

So you have a new listing and you aren't sure how to help your clients prepare for the listing photos.  The first thing to remember is to provide them with ample time to prepare for their photos.  Listing your home can be overwhelming and when you're provided with a list of things to remove/move from your home that can add to the daunting nature of the whole process. 

The first thing you want to do is make sure they know how beautiful their home is and the advice you are about to provide does not reflect their furniture, decorations, beliefs, etc. Make sure they are aware that the things you and your photographer suggest are to help them sell their home for top dollar and these are generic, across the board tips.  

Once they hear that, you can provide them with a list of things from your photographer (I can email you one if you need one) to help them prepare for the photographers arrival.  This will provide them with a check list of sorts and it is also coming from a third party who will back you up on the things you recommend.  

As the agent, things for you to remember when scheduling listing photos are:

  1. When do you need the photos back? This is important because you need to know your photographers turn around time when you are scheduling the session. 
  2. How far out does your photographer need to get you scheduled? This is something that can vary by the time of the year due to the flow of the industries' busy season.  A good rule of thumb is always provide a week out, at the very least 3 days.  Do not anticipate the photographer will be able to get you in the same day or the next day. 
  3. The home needs to be photo ready when the photographer arrives.  This means: lights on, fans off, windows open and most importantly- everything is where it needs to be.  Your photographer books homes based on size and location and the amount of time it will take them to move swiftly through the home photographing it AS IS. The photographer will not move any items and do not anticipate the photographer to allow the seller or you to do so either.  If something needs to be removed from a room, move it to the garage before the photographers arrival and you can move it back once they leave. 
  4. What Hero shots you want of the home?  This means, if you want something photographed specifically that is not normally photographed, tell the photographer.  If the garage or the primary closet is a huge selling feature and it isn't something normally photographed, let the photographer know beforehand- or better yet, be there at the photography appointment. This will ensure you receive everything you are looking for in your listing photographs. 
  5. Be prepared for trip charges or additional fees if the home is not photo ready upon the photographers arrival. 
  6. Some things CAN be photoshopped out, but it is usually a case by case situation and will cost extra depending on the job at hand. 

Once your photos are scheduled you can also let the photographer know if you want to upgrade your exterior shots to twilight.  This is an additional expense, but some agents love how it makes the exterior of the home pop. 

If you prefer daylight, that is perfectly fine as well! It is to each their own! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you found it helpful! Congratulations on your new listing, and I look forward to helping you with all your real estate photography needs! 

What To Wear for Your Headshot Session

November 14, 2022  •  1 Comment

Dressing Head to Toe- Yes, it Matters

One of the first questions I get when someone is booking a session is, "What should I wear?". and I am actually glad when they do ask, so I don't get someone dressed like they are ready for a zoom meeting, party on the top- casual pj's on the bottom! 

When you're preparing for your headshot or content session the most important thing to remember is that you need to be dressed head to toe like you are going to meet someone in person.  Your hair to your shoes and everything in between should be ready to be photographed.  What does that mean? It means your nails need to be tended to, jewelry considered and make up complete. During your session I will be taking full length, mid and close up photos, so please keep this in mind. 


What Colors Should I Wear?

Colors are incredibly important when you are choosing what to wear for your session, especially for business.  You want to consider your location and overall goal for your image,  but also what suits your skin tone the best, this is the first thing you want to consider when choosing your outfit.  Ideally colors that contrast with your skin are best and a good rule is 3 shades lighter or darker than your complexion. This will draw the eye to your face in the photograph, and will be the most flattering on you.

Hover Over Each Color Pallet to Learn More

Jewel TonesColors that look great on every skin tone! You can’t go wrong with this palette. Rustic TonesThis set of colors also looks good on just about everyone, especially fair skin.

Icy BrightWearing one of these colors with fair skin you will want to pair it with one of the brighter/darker colors on top that accompany the 3 tone rule. They also work well for accessories, but PLEASE avoid Neon Colors.

Earth TonesFor Fair skin it is best to choose darker, richer tones lighter ones if your skin tone is darker.

PastelsThis palette is better suited for you if your skin is medium to dark. Fair skinned people would want to avoid Pastels as they tend to wash out their skin.

GrayscaleWhen monocromatic, remember to match tone; never mix pure back with pure white. Instead, use a variety of gray with black.


How do I mix Colors?

The most important thing to remember when you are pairing clothes is to harmonize.  You want to keep light tones with light tones and dark tones with dark tones, or you can put mid tones with either light or dark.  You want to avoid pairing light tones with dark tones as this can cut you in half in your image.  
Another thing you may want to consider if you want to wear a pattern is to break it up with a solid and to keep the pattern larger.  Small prints (like small stripes) tend to show movement in photos and some prints can distract the viewer from the point of the image. 

Is There Anything Else I should Remember for my Headshot or Content Session?

Yes, remember to have FUN! This session will turn out much better if you enjoy yourself! Please do not overthink anything too much and feel free to reach out before your session if you have any questions on what to wear.  Also, remember these are just guidelines to help you prepare for your session- there have been plenty of times where the "rules" weren't followed to the tee and have turned out to be some of my favorites! 


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